About Joelle 

We are excited to offer our beautiful designs to women who, regardless of the hectic times we live in, can quickly and easily attain a glamorous look so effortlessly!

It was in the 90's that I picked up everything and moved to New York and developed a deep passion for fine jewelry. I decided to start creating my own designs. I wanted all women to have access to all the designs my team and I worked so hard to create. My team and I do not want to cut any corners with our jewelry. We only uses high-quality natural diamonds to ensure everlasting value.

Jewelry is a wardrobe essential for every woman. It takes a look to the next level. We create a wide variety to designs at a wide range of price points to make our jewelry accessible to everyone, weather it is parents buying a gift for their daughter's birthday or a husband buying an anniversary gift for his wife, there is something for everyone! 

With the launch of our new website, we are excited to grow our business and make our jewelry attainable to a wider range of people who want to add sparkle to their looks!

My team and I have poured our love into these designs and our company goal us to make you feel amazing wearing them!

Enjoy our timeless designs!