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    “Jewelry is a must have accessory that adds the most to your look...”

    I am excited to offer my Chic range of jewelry available to women who,
    regardless of the busy times we live in, can quickly and easily attain a “glitz &
    glamorous” look.

    While raised in England, I developed a sense of European class and elegance
    while helping my family manage their fine jewelry boutiques in the heart of

    It was in the 90’s, when I moved to New York, that I developed a deep passion for
    fashion jewelry, so I decided to design my own collection. Seeing my
    creations come to fruition inspired me to offer my jewels to all woman. I have
    come to realize that it is essential to own a jewelry wardrobe of classic and
    timeless designs without cutting corners on quality. It is what I call “Chic”.
    Today, I am a wife and a busy young Mother of four, my life consists of constant
    attention to family with little time for myself, always on the go. It’s always important
    to look good, whether I’m wearing denim jeans, dressed for work, at the gym, a
    night out in town or at a party, my jewelry is always on me, it is a part of who I am.
    Jewelry is a must have accessory that adds the most to your look. Earrings add
    beautiful color, framing your face with confidence; there is nothing more pleasing
    to me than looking down at my rings on my hands while using the keyboard, my
    phone, or while cooking...

    I pour my love into these designs and my goal is to make you feel good by having
    access to Joelle jewelry within days.
    Enjoy these timeless and quality designs.